Cora EXPO®
'W' Series Bicycle Racks

US PATENT D305,010

EXPO 7510 EXPO 4508 EXPO 3606 EXPO 2704
Capacity: 10 8 6 4


Pin to pin: 74 3/8" 47 3/8" 38 3/8" 29 3/8"
Height: 34"
Depth: 30"
Construction: Heavy duty high quality steels
Mainframe C.R.W. 2 3/8" OD H.S. 3/4
Lock support ASTM A-36 3/4" H.R. Round-bar
Finishes: Stainless steel, Galvanized steel, Plastic color coated carbon steel
sky blue royal blue midnight blue
teal evergreen hunter green
spartan bronze statuary bronze walnut
comet black pumpkin peking grey
baron red burgundy  
Features: SECURITY - designed to lock both the frame and wheel(s) of the bicycle

SIMPLICITY - cyclists find the EXPO rack user friendly

VERSATILITY - accepts all types of bicycles, tandems, tricycles and trailers

POPULARITY - the highest degree of user popularity ever
Quality Control: All Cora racks are made from heavy duty high quality materials. Cora's racks are individually crafted and fully inspected prior to shipping. They are then double wrapped for maximum protection during the delivery process.
Guarantee: The Cora EXPO Series is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for five years.
Installation: This series has a two bolt fastening system with 1/2 inch clearance holes.
Galvanized bolts > 5 inch are recommended.
Stainless steel hardware is required for stainless product.
Standard hardware for installing on concrete is included in the shipping package and in most cases a hand-held drill and a wrench are all that is required to secure the units in place.

Capacity is rated for double-sided access. Single-sided access reduces capacity by one-third.
Allow two feet from the footing pin to a curb or wall when installing for single-sided use.
Parallel layouts allow twelve feet between main-frame. In-line layouts allow three feet between mainframe.
Allow three feet (eighteen inch min.) between the shoulder and any obstruction.

Site Selection: The most convenient location adjacent to the building entrance doors. Good line of sight in view of office windows or security personnel. If line of sight is not possible, then the rack should be placed beside high pedestrian traffic. Where a rack is being installed at an existing building, it should be placed at the location where bicycles are seen to be. The location should be flat and at grade with the surface which the cyclist uses for access. Covered areas are preferable to uncovered areas.

Click here for the online installation guide.

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